What Do You Think?


In a world of co-creators, I have mixed feelings about the statement that we are responsible for “everything” that happens to us. We are responsible for how we react to “everything” but not the cause for “everything”.   There is Omniscience, the mind of God, and our individual brain-power of perception and understanding that come into play. We have to become masters of thought before we could be  responsible for “everything” that happens to us.

One of the great masters that walked the planet was aware of truths in a way that had him walking on water, turning water into wine, healing the multitudes, calming storms.  One could  claim that this master  took responsibility  in allowing his horrific death.  This master knew  truth in a way where he could not be deceived. Not even in his weakest moment.
Saying we are responsible for “everything” that happens to us is like saying we can walk on water, heal the multitudes, and perform miracles… All of which may be true in a sense, but we are not there yet. I feel it is more accurate to say we can reach levels of consciousness and awareness where we are solely responsible for everything that happens to us. I also feel  in the days were this is realized, we will also be able to walk on water too. We will either be masters or developing the skills to become masters.

The deceiver is the subconscious mind giving way to the brains electric impulses. The brain hold memory and experiences on the subconscious level. This is how our past can  predetermin what is happening to us in the moment . The brain and all mind, works together in co-creating existence. Developing brain power allows us to better tap into the truths of Omniscience’s all mind power.

What do you think?


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